Engineered Systems for the Waste Water Treatment and Biochemical Industries
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Engineered Systems for the Waste Water Treatment and Biochemical Industries
RPM Sustainable Technologies is proud to provide industrial quality engineered systems to meet the needs of the  waste water treatment and bio-fuel industries. Our biodiesel systems can process variable and high free fatty acid materials such into ASTM/EN standard biodiesel on a continuous flow and fully automated platform.

FOG to biodiesel systems recently developed by RPM allow for a potential 30% increase in biodiesel supply, by tapping the centralized FOG collection infrastructure represented by municipal and privately owned waste water treatment facilities. The fats, oils and greases naturally collected at these facilities can be converted to high quality biodiesel for use in generators or boilers onsite, reducing energy costs, powering fleet vehicles, or it can simply be sold at market rates.

Although our systems are fully automated, there exists an indirect job creation factor intrinsic to bio-fuel that, combined with the realized increases in revenues and reduction of waste disposal costs associated with FOG to biodiesel facilities and biofuel production generally, make our system an attractive addition to current FOG management practices, having a positive economic impact on both local and regional economies.

Agribusiness, including the meat and poultry processing industries, as well as those having access to quantities of vegetable or seed oils can benefit from our continuous, scalable biodiesel systems, which can be fully automated or operator controlled, mobile or stationary. All systems are compact and designed to last for 30 years with regular service.

RPM continues to innovate. Our novel membrane, catalytic, and fermentation technologies are leading toward economical production of high value chemicals, and our proprietary algae  extraction technology opens the door to a future of energy security and high density agriculture.

Our team looks forward to working collaboratively to maximize the value of your resources.
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